How to Setup a TrueNAS Scale Server

This blog post will get you started with the minimum you need to stand up a TrueNAS Scale Server and create NFS share(s) for docker...

   Mar 20, 2023     2 min read
How to Dev Containerify a Project

Quick and dirty guide for adding .devcontainer support to a new project. See also joshbuker/dev-containers for example configurations.

   Mar 16, 2023     1 min read
Using Portainer and GitHub for Continuous Deployment

Portainer can be combined with a GitHub repo to allow for continuous deployment of docker swarm services, allowing all the benefits of Git to be...

   Mar 16, 2023     3 min read
How to install Portainer

Portainer is a useful GUI tool for interfacing with Docker. It runs as a container stack, and communicates directly with Docker itself. Portainer particularly shines...

   Feb 15, 2023     1 min read
How to create a Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is an easy way to turn a pile of old computers at home into a home lab environment. It can automatically load balance...

   Feb 10, 2023     2 min read