Running Plex with Docker and NFS

If you’ve been following along with some of my previous posts on Docker and NFS, you may want something you can directly use with your...

   Apr 18, 2023     4 min read
How to Setup a TrueNAS Scale Server

This blog post will get you started with the minimum you need to stand up a TrueNAS Scale Server and create NFS share(s) for docker...

   Mar 20, 2023     2 min read
How to Dev Containerify a Project

Quick and dirty guide for adding .devcontainer support to a new project. See also joshbuker/dev-containers for example configurations.

   Mar 16, 2023     1 min read
Using Portainer and GitHub for Continuous Deployment

Portainer can be combined with a GitHub repo to allow for continuous deployment of docker swarm services, allowing all the benefits of Git to be...

   Mar 16, 2023     3 min read
How to install Portainer

Portainer is a useful GUI tool for interfacing with Docker. It runs as a container stack, and communicates directly with Docker itself. Portainer particularly shines...

   Feb 15, 2023     1 min read